Jul 29, 2014

VIPs Competing in Billboard's Army-Face-Off Round 4

Billboard online has started round 4 of their “Fan Army Face Off” and because Big Bang’s VIPs were able to beat out SNSD’s Sones by about 1%, they have moved on to the semi-finals.
Right now they are competing against a 4 member, Christian Rock group named Skillet’s fan army, the panheads. Both fandoms are ready to vote and this promises to be another great round. To vote click on the image below or link provided below.


Taeyang @ Hong Kong Airport Arrival + Departure Fancam

Tower of Saviors new CF

Taeyang @ Tower of Saviors Fanmeeting in Hong Kong - more Photos

Taeyang @ Incheon Airport back from Hong Kong

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Taeyang @ Hong Kong Airport off to Korea

"YG Family Tour Power" in Seoul Trailer #2