Aug 29, 2014

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Eyes, Nose, Lips tops Noraebang Charts for 8 weeks

 Big Bang Taeyang’s Eyes, Nose, Lips has ranked number one on Gaon chart’s noraebang (singing rooms) weekly chart for eight weeks straight.Taeyang’s Eyes, Lips, Nose topped Gaon chart’s noraebang weekly chart for the fourth week of August, topping the chart for eight weeks straight since it took the top spot for the first time during the week of June 29 through July 5.This record signifies that, along with Park Hyo Shin’s Wild Flower, Eyes, Nose, Lips was the most frequently sung song for the longest time period in 2014. If it tops the chart again next week, it will be setting a new record in 2014.Eyes, Nose, Lips is a slow R&B song released on June 2 and Taeyang participated in writing the lyrics himself.
Source: enewsworld/mwave